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Hi guys, I hope you are doing fine.

The beginning of a year is always when we take some time to make decisions and to organize our life. With that in mind, recently I’ve been thinking a lot about my priorities, the things that I love to do and how to conciliate my activities.

At the moment I’m not working to have more time to study, so, in the future, I can get a better job than if I decided to get one right now. However, I find my passion and fulfilment in crochet, I love to create patterns and amigurumis and it would be fantastic if I could make this into my full time job. However, as I don’t know if that will be possible, I need to dedicate my time to study for a better job in my law carrer.

But, as you know, we all have to earn some money to pay the bills, right? And I also have to pay taxes to keep the blog up. That’s why I took the decision of, besides my studies, start investing in my crochet abilities. My first step in this new journey was to place adds on the blog, as you have noticited. That’s give me at least some revenue, but it is far from what would be necessary to pay my bills.

My second step was taken last night. I created an Etsy shop to start selling some patterns that I am designing. There will be crochet and amigurumi patterns, but I won’t sell patterns from copyrighted characters. The patterns are printable PDF that contains the materials I used to make the amigurumis, notes, list of abreviations, written pattern and photos and explanations of how to assemble your amigurumi. It’s something more detailed and organized than what you find on my free patterns. Also, you can find those patterns on my Ravelry shop.

So, from now on I have dedicate most of my free time to design patterns to sell on etsy and ravelry. Although, I don’t want to stop creating geek related amigurumi patterns. That’s why I’m taking another step in order to keep this dream of sharing free patterns on.

I created today a Patreon page to help you supportting my free amigurumi patterns. There you can support me and I will give some rewards for each tier of patreons. In a first thought, I realized that I could, from now on, put my free patterns as a reward available just for the people who supports me on Patreon. However this would go against all I’ve built until now.

I don’t want to restrict access to my patterns, I want them to be free and to reach out the world, helping many people to acomplish the dream to crochet that desired and loved character. That’s why I won’t restrict access to my patterns. They will keep being available for everyone, even if you aren’t supporting me on Patreon.

That said, I’m here to ask you for your help and support to keep this dream of sharing free amigurumi patterns on. Who knows one day, with your support, I will be able to dedicate my full time to create patterns, videos and other amigurumi contents.

Thank you guys for all support thus far.

Best whishes, Mia!

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  1. Farah says:

    Wow! You are amazing and a sweetheart! You deserve the best and I wish the best for you! I loved reading this post!! It really shows what a great person you are with such a kind heart and smart mind! Love your patterns and will support you! :) <3

  2. Matheus Leopoldo says:

    Oi, Mia! Conheci seu trabalho através de um post no reddit ( aonde uma mulher fez um Charizard pela sua receita, e queria te parabenizar por ele. Queria te fazer uma pergunta também… Você aceita pedidos para vender? Se sim, eu gostaria de saber quanto você cobraria por um Treecko em tamanho médio :<

  3. Deb says:

    I wish you much luck with your Etsy Shop. You are extremely talented & your patterns are well written, concise & in my opinion, very simple to follow. I enjoy all of them & was patiently waiting for Princess Zelda. Hope you create her soon (I’m willing to pay for it).

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