Hey, my dear padawans ^_^ Now that you know which supplies are needed to do an amigurumi, I’m going to teach you how to hold your crochet hook and yarn. Well, the first thing I have to say it is that it doesn’t exist a right way to hold a crochet hook. You can hold it anyway you want, the […]

Majin Buu Keychain Pattern

Hi my dears ^^ I think I’m on a keychain vibe, lol, my last two patterns and this one are all keychains, hehe xD Buut for your happiness (or not), I may assure you that the next pattern won’t be a keychain, it will be a 30cm plush. And it will be a pokemon! :D Anyway, let me introduce you […]

Princess Lumpy Space Keychain

Hi, my friends! I thought that Jake was feeling lonely, so, I decided to make a company for him :D I know I should have done Lady Rainicorn or Finn, but, they can wait a little to be made :x I decided to do one of my favorite characters, which is Princess Lumpy Space, haha ^^ Hope you like it! […]

Jake the dog Keychain

Hi peeps! First of all, I wish you a Happy Geek Pride Day!! Hope you all are having fun today ^_^ Well, recently, my boyfriend introduced me to a new cartoon, which I fell in love! I’m talking about The Adventure Time :D Oh my, it is so good!! I love all characters and also the Brazilian dubbing is very good! […]

Charizard Pattern

Hi, my dear friends! ( ◕ ‿ ◕ )ノ Finally, I’m posting my Charizard pattern, haha. I’m sorry for the very long delay! I was very busy this months and crocheting wasn’t my priority (>_<“) But, now, I got some time to crochet and was able to finish this so desired pattern(‐^▽^‐). This time, I decided to do a Shiny Charizard, because I don’t […]

How to series: Curly Hair

Hi my Friends! Today I’m here inaugurating a new tutorial series, the How to series :) Recently, a friend, Jordi, asked me for some ideas of how to make a curly hair and, so, I decided to make this tutorial, because it would be easier to explain and, besides, I think that it may help some people.   To make […]

Amigurumi Basics, Lesson 1: Supplies

Hey there! :) Today, I’m going to talk, briefly, about the supplies needed to have a good amigurumi experience. So, if you are new to amigurumi and don’t know what you need to start, this lesson is for you :D However, you shouldn’t be in a hurry to buy everything that I will explain here! In the right time, gradually, […]

Mini R2D2 Pattern

>>> Update (13/01/17): Hi!! Recently, I had the oportunity to review this pattern and so I realized that it had too many pieces to crochet and sew together. When I first designed this pattern I tried to make R2 shapes exactly like the original, that’s why the pattern got too many pieces. However, now I have a different opinion about […]

Zebra Pattern

Hi Guys, Today I’m bringing you a Zebra pattern! This Zebra was a co-creation made by Sharon Ojala and me. Sharon has a collection called Little Bigfoot, which is composed by many different animals! However, she didn’t have a Little Bigfoot Zebra pattern, so, I asked her permission if it was possible to modify her Bear pattern to create a […]

Gengar Pattern

Yay! Just in time for Halloween, I’m bringing this Gengar pattern for you guys ^^ This is such a coincidence :O I never intended to do Gengar to celebrate the Halloween, I made him as a gift for my boyfriend’s birthday on october, since Gengar is one of his favorite pokemons, but, it was a great coincidence ^^ I really […]