Bulbasaur baby shoes

Hi there! Today I’m uploading a crochet pattern, that it wasn’t designed by me, I just gave it a touch of geekiness :) It is a baby shoes pattern created by a brazilian hooker called Nélia Botelho, who owns the blog Magia do Crochê. The pattern is originaly in portuguese (br), but I translated it to make it easier for […]

Mega Charizard Y

Hi folks! I hope you all are doing fine ^-^ Today’s pattern is pokemon related, specifically with the last pokemon game that was launched, pokemon x/y. Since they released Pokemon Origins, I became in love for Mega Charizard X and I really enjoy the way he looks like and his colors. However, when I started playing pokemon x/y my favorite […]

Mini Hobbes Pattern

Hi hi! I’ve finally finished another very old project, which is related to Calvin and Hobbes comic. It’s Hobbes in the version imagined by Calvin ^_^ I took an eternity to finish this pattern, because I had to do five Hobbes at the same time (uhgh), which were gifts to my best friends and to my boyfriend. I’m thinking about […]

A crochet collar for my babies!

Hi! These days I’ve made a gift to my babies. I crocheted one collar for each one, they are so cuute! :3 Yoko gained the white one, because it fits better her furr and Linda gained the pink for the same reason, hehe. It is very easy and fast to do this collar and I used their old collars to […]

Fruits Basket Zodiac Animals

Hi hi! These days, I decided to finish a project that I’ve started in september of 2012, but I’ve never finished, because I had no patience to it >.<” The project is related to the manga Fruits Basket, do you know? It has also an animated version with the same title: It is one of the best mangas I’ve ever read […]

Snorlax Pattern

Hi, my dear amigurumi lovers! :) It’s time for a new pattern! :D This time I’ve been working on a gift for my brother in law, who loves pokemon and asked me if I could do a Snorlax for him. It was very anoying to design his body shape, but, for now I’m satisfied with it xD Maybe in the […]

Christmas is coming!!

Hi hi, my dears! As christmas is coming, I thought it would be great to do a list with some free crochet christmas patterns. There are a lot of free and beautiful patterns on the internet, you just have to google “free christmas crochet patterns” and you will find plenty of them ^_^ In this post I’m posting 15 patterns […]

Hiroshi, the Sushicat (Sushiman)

Hi hi!! :) I designed Hiroshi for a design contest hosted by Amigurumi Patterns, which had as a theme create an amigurumi animal in a working outfit!! I was very excited to participate!! There were many cute and beautiful designs entries and I fell in love for many of them!!! It was really fun to think about which animal to create, […]

Hobbes Plush Pattern

Hi my dear fellows, Today I’m posting a pattern that is a co-creation between me and Suki. First of all, let me introduce yourselves to Suki. Suki is a very kind and sweet person that I met recently on Ravelry. She does crochet since april 2007 and has a great blog, Sukigirl~~, where she shares her crochet patterns for free! Yay!~~ […]

Amigurumi Blog Directory

Hi my friends! Recently, one of our crochet friends had an amazing idea! She decided to create an amigurumi and crochet blogs directory! Yeeees! :D There you can find an incredible list of many blogs around the world and they are all sorted by geographical region! It is a great oportunity to connect with other crocheters! Oh! Also, if you […]