Wall-e Pattern

Hi! How are you guys? It’s been a while since my last pattern, hehe. I’m sorry about that, but lately, I’m rarely crocheting. This doesn’t mean that I’m tired of crocheting or anything like that, crochet still my passion. What is happening is that I don’t have time to crochet at the moment, because I’m focusing in my career. I’m sure […]

Sadness (Inside out)

Hi! Recently I watched Inside out and I really liked it. I think it is a very smart and creative movie, which may inspire us to make some reflections. I enjoyed all the characters, but the one I identified myself most was Sadness, that’s why I had to do her <3 I didn’t wanted to make a big amigurumi nor […]

Munchlax Doorstop

Hi, dear friends! Today’s pattern is Munchlax from Pokemon :D I designed this pattern to work as a doorstop, because I was in need of something to hold my door open. That was when I had the idea to make a heavy pokemon to hold the door. First, I thought about geodude, but as I wanted something easier to make, I […]

Teacher – Pink Floyd, The Wall

Hi guys!! This time I’m uploading a pattern related to the music universe. It is one of the main characters from Pink Floyd album (and movie) The Wall, which is just perfect. I’m a fan of the band and I really appreciatte the albums from Roger Waters era, moreover The Wall is my favorite one, because I think it is […]


Hi! Today I’m posting about the last crochet project I’ve been working on. It was a rug for my living room, which I decided to make inspired on BMO from adventure time. The photos are not with a big quality, because I had to use my cellphone to take them.   Materials: – Teal yarn (I used Alfazema by Circulo, which is […]

Cardcaptor Sakura Wand and Pen

Hi all! The first pattern of 2015 is based on the Wand/Staff used by Sakura on the first season of the anime Cardcaptor Sakura <3 This anime was a very special piece of my childhood and, when I was a child, I used to ask to my father to make her wand for me, hehe! Now, I can make my own […]

Hi hi! Welcome to our third lesson. Today, I’m gonna talk about how to crochet a Row and a Round and also how to crochet some basic stitches. Well, at first I thought about doing some videos showing each thing that I’m talking about here. However after I made a search at YouTube, I found a lot of great videos there and […]

Minion Stuart Pattern

Hi! How are you guys? I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends! Mine was awesome! I travelled with my parents and boyfriend to a hotel on the beach, where we spent our days going to te beach, doing some slackline and relaxing a lot! ^^ Today, I’m posting one pattern that it wasn’t on my […]

Hearthstone Keychain

Hi, guys! I hope you are doing great! ^^ Today, I’m posting a very simple pattern and really fast to make. It is related to World of Warcraft, which is an MMORPG that I’m playing at the moment. Recently, I got a new home key and I was needing a keychain to put it on. So, I had the idea […]

Kettlebell pattern

Hey guys! I know this isn’t the kind of amigurumi you are expecting here x) However as a friend asked me to make a Kettlebell and I’ve designed this simple pattern, I decided that I should share it with you even if it isn’t a geek themed amigurumi, hehe. My next geek pattern is being designed and as I said before, […]