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Hi my friends!

Recently, one of our crochet friends had an amazing idea! She decided to create an amigurumi and crochet blogs directory!
Yeeees! :D There you can find an incredible list of many blogs around the world and they are all sorted by geographical region!
It is a great oportunity to connect with other crocheters! Oh! Also, if you have a crochet or amigurumi blog, just talk to Stephanie and she will add your blog to the list! ^_^

Here it is the link to the Directory:

Have fun guys! Cya :D

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  1. Si Luciano says:

    Hello Anamélia !!! I loved the idea !! I registered my Blog there, I will be very happy if you make a visit (
    Thank you!!

  2. Janice says:

    What I have printed out are really nice!! Patterns. Thank you for all the time it takes to make these patterns.I will enjoy them .

  3. Sharon Saunders says:

    I have my first grand-nephew just turn 1 yr old in January and because his dad is a Calvin and Hobbes fan he was appropriately named Calvin. I wanted to make a Hobbes but someone beat me to it. So I see you have made a Calvin – I can’t tell you how badly I want to make a “CALVIN” – please tell me you have a pattern and you’d love to send it to me? Its the cutest one. Thank you
    [email protected]

    • Hi Sharon! Omg! That’s amazing!!! How interesting and lovely that your grand-nephew is called Calvin, because of Calvin and Hobbes!! Sadly I don’t have any Calvin pattern, I’ve just made a Hobbes, which you can find here on the blog. Just search for Hobbes. However, if you don’t find a Calvin pattern, I think it would be awesome to make a Hobbes for your grand-nephew!! He would have his own Hobbes, like Calvin from the comic! It would be so great!! You are welcome! Please, if you make Hobbes I would love to see a photo of your grand-nephew with him! <3

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