A crochet collar for my babies!


These days I’ve made a gift to my babies. I crocheted one collar for each one, they are so cuute! :3 Yoko gained the white one, because it fits better her furr and Linda gained the pink for the same reason, hehe.

It is very easy and fast to do this collar and I used their old collars to get the right size to the crochet collar. I crocheted four single crochets in each row and I’ve done about 105 rows. So, if you want to make a collar to your pet, you just need to take his/her collar and see how many single crochets in a row are needed to get the same width. After that, crochet many rows as are needed to reach his/her neck right size and the collar is done :)

In my case I crochet about 105 rows, because I made an adjustable collar. In order to do that, I just followed the same process of the original collar. Ah! Something very importantant is the type of yarn. As they are cats and they love to lick their furr I thought that the common yarn would be an awful opition and that’s why I decided to use a 100% polypropilene yarn. Finally, to make the ribbon I made something similar to this pattern : Click

That’s it! Hope you all have enjoyed the collars <3 I am absolutely in love with them, lol.

If you want to know more details of how I made the collar, please send me an email: [email protected]

collar yoko linda1 linda2 yoko1 linda

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  1. Donesia says:

    LOL. When I read the title, I thought, “Crochet collars for my babies?” Then I pictured babies with dog collars. LOL. As soon as I saw the photos, I started to laugh. Very cute collars. I like the bow. The only thing that is missing is “bling.”

    • LMAO!! So funny that you thought like that!! Never imagined this possibility, lol! Thanks! Glad to know you liked it! I really enjoyed the bow too. What do you mean with “bling”? The little bell? I put it on the collar, because it makes easier to find them, lol.

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